Tech Line

Tech-Line S.A. founded in 1989 as a young, dynamic and upcoming company aiming at the marketing and distribution of chemicals and chromatography consumables to QC laboratories. 

The steady growth in sales and the expansion of T-L’s clientele, as well as, foreign firms’ representations, continued more intensely with the integration of Tech-Line S.A. into the GALENICA Group of companies, in 1995. An increase in sales of more than 100% during the decade 2000-2010, sealed this dynamic growth. 

Tech-Line S.A. by implementing a Certified Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2008 International Standard, since 2003, provides complete solutions for both public and private quality control laboratories, research and development laboratories, universities and research centers. The broad clientele of the company also includes public services’ companies, private companies and industries covering sectors of economic activities, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, raw materials, waste management etc.

Relying both on the professionalism and accountability of human resources, coupled with the quality of supplied products and services, Tech-Line S.A. aims to develop even further, so as to establish itself as one of the leading companies in its sector in Greece, in terms of market share.

TECHLINE ISO 9001:2008